Moav - Foot Massage Oil 125ml

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General Description: A therapeutic massage oil based on olive oil,  particularly effective for heavy feet, various swelling effects (pregnant women), cellulitis.  Reduces tension in external muscles. 


  • Enhances blood channels tonus.
  • Enhances lymphatic blood flow.
  • Balances the nervous system.
  • Enhances fat transfer from cells to the blood.

Active Ingredients: Extracts in olive oil of  lavender, cypress, geranium, etrog peels, Everlasting and myrtle, combined with essential oils of Ylang ylang, myrtle, and etrog peels.

Usage: Spread on the treated food, while massaging towards the lymphatic gland in the upper part of the foot.  Perform the massage in the evening; it may be repeated in the morning or during the day.

To treat varicose veins, massage with the MOAV Foot Massage Oil first, then apply locally the AFOULIM Hemorrhoids Treatment Ointment on the varicose veins. 

Limitations: Under 2 years old, and for pregnant women until the fourth month. Prolonged use is not recommended.