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Tanukh - Ear Care Oil

Tanukh - Ear Care Oil

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General Description: An oil designed for treatment and prevention of ear inflammations and fungi.  A particularly delicate mixture, suitable for treating children.


  • may act  against a wide range of bacteria and fungi.
  • may  have a rapidly pain-relieving effect.
  • Gently warming.

Suggested Ingredients: Extracts in olive oil of garlic, geranium and myrtle, along with essential oils of rosewood, Melaleuca alternifolia, basil, clove bud, and citrus leaves.

Usage: Drip inside your ear a few drops, and massage the area surrounding the ear with the oil, every 3 hours on the first day, and 3 times a day on the following day.

Limitations: Do not use for children aged below 18 months, except by massaging around the ear.  Do not drip inside ear in case of internal injury, or puss leaving the ear.  Monitor developments, and change treatment if no improvement is seen following 48 hrs.

Comments: Ear inflammations are contagious.  It is recommended to use the TANUKH Ear Care Oil  as preventive treatment for the whole family.

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