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Maccabim Oil for Reddened Skin

Maccabim Oil for Reddened Skin

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Makabim is a mixture of essential and aromatic oils, the main active element of which is immortelle extract. The unique properties of this plant make Makabim a universal remedy for the restoration of blood vessels and tissues. This mixture of oils should be in every first aid kit. Makabim is used to accelerate the healing of bruises, abrasions, wounds, burns and postoperative sutures. Effective for skin irritations and allergies. Helps to remove hyperpigmentation spots. Also effective for the problem of inflammation of the gums. It has a mild effect (applicable in childhood). 

restores blood vessels and tissues; 
has an anti-inflammatory effect; 
has an anti-allergic effect; 
increases the tone of blood vessels; 
helps to dissolve scars (when scars appeared no more than a year ago); 
effective for bleeding from the gums; 
effective for hemorrhoids; 
effective for herpes. 

If you have facial or genital herpes: Do a spot application of the drug twice a day until relief occurs. 

For inflammation of the gums: massage the gums for 5-10 minutes, preferably in the evening before going to bed. Within an hour after the massage, you will feel a decrease in the inflammatory process. The color of the gums will be restored and the discomfort will recede. Usually a significant improvement occurs within a few days. During the procedures, the use of toothpastes containing detergents is undesirable. 

Cracks in hemorrhoids: use in conjunction with Afulim ointment. Apply a few drops of oil to a thin cotton wick and lubricate the desired area. Apply the drug for several weeks. 
For pets: Using a liquid sprayer, apply the drug to an open wound to speed up healing. 

Blend of olive oil with immortelle extract and essential oils of myrtle and lavender. 



INGREDIENTS olea europaea (olive) oil, helichrysum italicum (everlasting) extract*, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil*, myrtus communis (myrtle) oil*, limonene**, linalool**, geraniol**, eugenol**. *From organic farming in the Judean Desert region **These ingredients are found in the essential oils and are not added separately 100% vegetarian ingredients 

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