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LEVONA Relaxing bath mix

LEVONA Relaxing bath mix

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Levon's bath emulsion will calm the nervous system, cause relaxation without feeling drowsy. It is recommended for violation of the general tone, high blood pressure, hormonal problems, chronic fatigue. It is recommended during a period of strong intellectual stress, while preparing for exams. It will alleviate conditions with depression and post-traumatic syndrome. The special composition of the drug allows it to penetrate through the pores of the skin and the respiratory system into the body. Has a very pleasant aroma.

may help balance  the nervous system of the body;
may help reduce tension;
may relief anxiety;
may help restore sleep.

Shake before use. Use no more than 3 caps per bath (due to high concentration). Stay in the bath for 15 minutes. Do not use soap or shampoo during the procedure. Better to use before bed. In the morning, you can apply for 5 minutes on the skin before taking a shower to increase tone.
Restrictions: do not go out in the sun for several hours after the procedure; for breastfeeding mothers and children under 13 do not use more than 1.5 caps; for pregnant women (starting from the fourth month) use 1 cap.


Marjoram oil, sesame oil, orange oil, lavender, ylang-ylang, lemongrass.

water, sesame oil, alchohol, orange oil, citronella ext., lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, marjoram oil.
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