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Hair Regrowth Solution | Home Care Kit

Hair Regrowth Solution | Home Care Kit

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General Description: A mixture of herbal extracts effective for hair regeneration, and for prevention of hair loss.  

The ideal age for optimal results on male scalp, is younger than 55, although efficacy has been observed for men in their fifties or sixties as well.  On bald scalp areas, the desired result is renewed follicle activity, bringing about the appearance of fine velus hair within one month, followed by sporadic thick hairs.  The results are improved by continuous use.  Upon stopping of the usage, the hair may be gradually lost again. 

For hair loss in women, particularly during hormonal changes, the product should cause hair loss to stop within one month from beginning of usage.

The product does not cause hair growth on other body parts.  This is because the hormonal process on the scalp is exactly the opposite of the process in other skin areas.

Also beneficial after hair loss due to cancer therapies (but only after therapy is completed). Helps also to regenerate eyebrows' hair.


May Enhance local blood flow.

May help in the Promotion cell division.

May Create optimal hormonal conditions for hair follicles regeneration.

Not greasy (does not require shampooing after application).

Suggested ingredients: Aqueous extracts and essential oils of anchusa strigosa, rosemary, lavender, Helichrysum italicum, and thyme.

No chemical colorants, preservatives, solvents, stabilizers or fragrances added.

Usage instructions:  1.Preparing and cleansing scalp. 2.Disinfecting dermaroller. 3.Microneedling the scalp. 4.Applying stronger hair solution and massage. 5.Disinfecting dermaroller again and storing it safety. For balding men aged 55-65, some results have been observed, but less. 

Caution: 1. Avoid contact with the eyes. 2.Dermaroller may be used once or twice a month. 3. Dermaroller can be used up to 4 times only. 4. Preferably store in cool place.

Dermaroller is made of Titanium Nitride coated medical grade stainless steel.

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