Shounam - BREATHER Anti-Allergy Spray

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General Description: An oral spray, based on herbal extracts and essential oils.  Recommended for treating cough, and initial stages of inflammation in the respiratory tracts.  Can be used as a prophylactic treatment for asthma. Useful for quitting smoking; helps to deal with mucous congestions. Helps to relieve vocal chord sensitivities and sore throat.


  • Moderately anti-bacterial.
  • Relieves  muscles which regulate the respiratory tracts.
  • Mucolytic (breaks-up mucous congestions).

Suggested ingredients: An infusion in water and alcohol (from grapes fermentation) of Origanum dayi (a Biblical Hyssop species), mint, eucalyptus, corn hair, clove bud, Fumaria officinalis, savory, wild pansy and Micromeria fruticosa, al and carrot seeds.

Usage instructions:

For coughing, vocal chords: Spray 2-3 times in mouth (up to 6 times a day)

For preventing asthma; after quitting smoking: Spray 2-5 times a day for 3 weeks; resume after 2 weeks of recess.

Limitations: Do not use for children aged below 3.

Comments:  When treating asthma, in the first time use a small quantity to assure absence of allergy to the product.