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Barkan - Ointment For the flexibility and relief of joints 50ml

Barkan - Ointment For the flexibility and relief of joints 50ml

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Barkan is one of Kedem's best-selling products. Its effectiveness in pain in the joints of various origins is due to the composition rich in components, the ointment contains hormonal substances of natural origin, which replace cortisone. Unlike many similar products, Barkan does not cause burning on the skin. The pain subsides after a few minutes after rubbing into pain points.


may help in instant anti-inflammatory action;
does not cause burning;
may help with arthritis and rheumatoid pain;
may relief back pain during labor pains.


For 15 seconds, rub the ointment into the pain points 2 to 5 times a day. Do not use in children under 3 years of age and during pregnancy. For pain in large areas of the body, alternate with anti-inflammatory Ivry oil. If the legs are swollen and sore, then you need to massage the joints with Moab foot oil to eliminate stagnation in the joint area (edema). Also drink Nikuzit cleansing herbal tea to enhance the effect.


Palm oil, juniper extract, winter cherry extract, beeswax, fig extract, tansy, fig leaf oil, lavender, several varieties of oregano, thyme, myrtle, ylang-ylang, wintergreen, immortelle and willow bark. 


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