Gadal -Strengthening solution for weak hair 250ml

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GADAL is a 100 % Vegetal solution for daily hair care. Strengthens weak hair.

Contains plant extracts including:
Everlasting (Helicrysum italicum) ; Thyme ; Lavander ; Rosemary.

Usage Recommendations:

  • Drip solution onto your fingers, then massage onto the scalp to complete
  • absorption, twice a day (morning and evening). It may cause a temporary
  • warming sensation. Avoid rinsing the hair immediately following the
  • application.
  • When washing hair, it is recommended to reduce usage of shampoo, to about
  • twice per week.


  • For men: Hair loss may be caused by various factors. Hair regrowth is less probable for men having Alopecia androgena, aged above 45.
  • For women : hair loss frequently appears during spring or automn, hence it is advised to apply the product during March and September, while consuming the NIKUZIT tea.
  • Weak hair has normally been degrading during one month; hair, stopping hair loss normally requires 30 days of applying the product.