Afoulim - (VEIN BALM) Hemorrhoid & Veins Treatment Ointment

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General Description: An ointment for external treatment of hemorrhoids. Also effective in treating varicose veins.


  • Contracts local blood channels.
  • Increases muscles tonus.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Promotes wound healing. 

Suggested Ingredients: Extracts in olive oil of Hypericum perforatum, wormwood, geranium and cypress, along with the essential oils of Hypericum perforatum, Everlasting, germanium, lavender and cypress; palm oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil.


For hemorrhoids: Soak cotton wool in the ointment, then insert it in the anus for the night.  Repeat as many nights as necessary.

For anal fissure: Similarly to the treatment for hemorrhoids, only add 3 drops of the MACCABIM Tissue Regenerating Oil onto the immersed cotton wool.

For varicose veins:  Best applied by massaging the product into the veins, daily, during a 5 weeks period 

For skin bags under eyes or veins on facial skin: Apply daily in the evening, for one month.

Limitations: None .  Can be used by pregnant women.