Boto-V - Neck & Decollate Firming Ointment 50ml

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Firming & nourishing ointment , highly concentrated , for improving skin elasticity and
firmness of the face, neck and low-necked.
Unlike conventional cosmetics, Boto-V contains no preservatives or
chemical stabilizers (that many known or suspected carcinogens and
reduce the natural regeneration of the skin).

Properties of plants:

Boto-V contains herbal extracts that retract to protect themselves from
loss of fluids such as Cypress, St. John's wort , geranium , and
Immediately after a small application will feel a slight stretching of the
Contains a natural sunscreen of 13, which is naturally present in the Shea

Recommendations for use:

Take a small amount and melt between fingers. Apply a small amount, on
the face, the neck and the low-necked.
Store in a cool place (below 30°C).