NEVE - Purifying Cream for Acne Prone Skin – STEP 2 IN ACNE TREATMENT

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Contains powerfully antiseptic and anti-inflammatory herbs, plant oils and natural minerals. Balances and deeply cleanses skin, and helps block the Type I 5-alpha reductase enzyme which stimulates sebum secretion. Suitable on its own for light acne, or for Rosacea on facial skin.

Active ingredients: Dead Sea water (powerfully anti inflammatory), apple extract, olive oil, inula oil, geranium oil (regenerates skin), chamomile extract (calms), lemongrass oil, pine oil, grapefruit oil (purifying), myrtle oil (balances sebum secretions); camphor, cinnamon, tea tree, olive leaf extract (all powerfully antiseptic); everlasting leaf extract (promotes tissue regeneration), Withania somnifera leaf extract (anti-inflammatory), magnesium (anti inflammatory).

Recommendations: Consume the Detox Infusion tea to complete the treatment.

ZORI Skin Disinfecting solution may be used for cleansing skin & preventing scar, prior to application of the cream.