Boker - Toning Floral Water

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Stimulating and energizing, its application creates a feeling of toning freshness.

For dry to normal skin types, purifies the epidermis before the application of the MESHI regenerating serum (KEDEM Facial Beauty & Care Line).

Plants' properties :

  • Oregano and Mint are toning and stimulating.
  • Rosemary is known for its astringent action, and helps firm sagging skin.
  • Eucalyptus refreshes, stimulates and tones skin.
  • Geranium balances skin oiliness.
  • Lemongrass soothes the skin.


Usage Recommandations :

BOKER may be used in the morning, as well as during the day in case of fatigue, or following rest, to recover the facial skin's tonus.

For dry to normal skin, it is recommended to complete the treatment with the MESHI nourishing and regenerating serum (at least twice a week).