TriPollar STOP V by Pollogen plus gel

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The company that brought the TriPollar and DMA technologies to users worldwide, is now offering this unique and highly effective solution for customers who wish to achieve a natural face-lift effect in the comfort of their home. Pollogen’s Stop V has been designed specifically for the SMAS area - the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System. The SMAS is the muscular system that is manipulated during plastic surgery for face lifting. In Stop V, the DMA technology works on the same muscle group, creating a non-invasive and natural face lifting effect. The Stop V device combines two proprietary and well-documented technologies: Tripollar RF and DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation). “The great face-lifting effect is achieved by the synergy between of these two technologies,” explains Dr. Alex Levenberg, plastic surgeon and expert in non-invasive aesthetic solutions. “The TriPollar RF treats the skin in order to tighten it and reduce wrinkles, while the DMA contracts the muscles to provide toning of the SMAS and achieve the lifting effect.” Since both technologies work on the tissue simultaneously, the combined effect is seen immediately, even after a single treatment. The effect is further enhanced and sustained in the long-term when the treatment is repeated over several weeks. Each treatment is short, pleasant and has no downtime or pain. Users of the Stop V describe a warm relaxing sensation during and after the treatments. In light of this, a regimen that maintains the lifting results is easy to follow as part of the personal beauty routine. “We are proud that we can now offer our leading technologies, valued by aesthetic practitioners in clinics and salons worldwide, to our customers at home,” says Sharon Ravid, Pollogen’s CEO. “By expanding our technological expertise to portable hand-held devices like the Stop V, we open up new opportunities for our customers and enable them to achieve their aesthetic desires.”